I think most people end up snacking a little bit at work from time to time. I've never thought of myself as a sweet snacky type person.  If you give me a choice between a candy bar and like, trail mix - I'll probably take the trail mix.

So what in the ever loving sugary nonsense is going on here?


Why do I have so much sweet stuff?  I'll give you, two of those snacks are not sweet but salty, but the majority here is chocolate and sugar.  What's the deal, me? I don't think I know you anymore. I might have to re-assess what is going on here. Two different brands of cookies with cream and chocolate on them.  Another container of chocolate covered espresso beans.  Chocolate everywhere!  There's even a chocolate protein bar in there somewhere.

Maybe it's something to do with Halloween approaching? I mean, people don't really give out salty stuff for Halloween, they give out candy.  Although if somebody gave out dried salted seaweed,..... that would probably only be a pleasant surprise for me. I can't imagine the look on the face of a kid who would get that.  I probably wouldn't have liked it as a kid, myself.  Now, it's great.  But don't your tastes change as you get older? Now I'd probably be disappointed with the amount of stuff that I'd get that wouldn't be Laffy Taffy or something.

What are some of the snacks you keep around you? Are you a snacker, or a strict three meals a day person? What's your favorite snack?

Snackily yours,

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