Rant time. On this edition of "Who Raised You?", we'll be discussing the telephone. Yes, a miraculous invention that has enabled us to speak to each other all over the country and the world with ease.  Please, tune in to this recent interaction on the telephone.

Me: "Hello, Bob FM."

Them:  "Who is this?"

Me: "...................Uh, you called me.  This is Bob FM, can I help?"



Really?  Really. Why you gotta be so rude?  I hate it when someone calls and demands to know who they are speaking to without bothering to offer any of their own identification or even a PERFUNCTORY GREETING. It's just rude! Who raised you?! Why on earth would you think that's acceptable? Do you just have no concept of what rudeness is? Or do you just think the world revolves around you? Here's how that conversation should have gone.

Me: "Hello, Bob FM."

Them: "Hi, this is Caller. Who am I speaking with?"

Me: "You're speaking with Behka, new friend! What can I do for you?"

IS IT THAT HARD? No. Seriously, did your Mom never teach you how to use the phone? Even toddlers know to say hello on a toy phone. Are you saying you're more important? That you don't have the precious time to take two seconds of your super busy day to give me the courtesy of knowing who is calling me? After all, you SHOULD know who you're calling (you did have to push a button or dial numbers, they didn't come from the clear blue sky) and you already know yourself, so why don't I get that same information?

Please, if you are a person who does that thing where you just say, "Who is this?" instead of being polite, just do yourself and me a favor. Stay away from the telephone. Or, just stay away from my number. Win win!

Politely yours,


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