I always dread it when I have to make a call to someone in Customer Service.It's almost always a hassle. I recently had an Experience that made me remember everything I hate about everything in life, in particular the little slice of hell that is trying to call someone to help you, aka the dreaded Customer Service.  So rather than rant about the experience itself, which will get me nowhere and fix nothing, I thought I'd come at it a little differently. There's a ton of things that I hate about the whole experience, but I think I can whittle it down to about ten.

1.  Not being able to get a real human being on the phone.

2.  A salesperson who's rude or condescending.

3.  Getting disconnected.

4.  Getting disconnected and then not being able to reach the same rep.

5.  Getting transferred to a representative who can't help.

6.  A company that either doesn't provide the customer service phone number, or HIDES it.

7.  Being on hold for a long time.

8.  Having to select a ton of steps on their phone menu.

9.  Representatives who keep asking for the same information.

10.  When the solution they propose is useless.

I guess it's something that I can't really know too much about, having never worked on a customer service line.  But it's got to be frustrating for people in general, right?

What's your customer service pet peeve?  Have you had some good experiences with customer service?

Servicingly yours,



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