I end up doing most of the grocery shopping for our little house hold. I try not to bring Husbando too much because if people are there, he might turn into a rage ball.Most people who are out shopping are great. But there are a few people that do things that make me stop and wonder.... "What are you THINKING?" Here are a few things that bug me about shopping at the good ol grocery store.

1. Rude Customers. 

I cannot handle when someone is rude to the cashier! I've seen people yell, curse, and insult some poor cashier because they can't accept an expired coupon for 23 cents off of a carton of eggs. They're just doing their job, and they're not doing it for much more than minimum wage, most times. Leave them alone!

2. Inconsiderate Line Hogs.

You know that guy, the one that'll unload his cart, spreading everything everywhere, kinda pushing his cart back towards you? Come on, buddy.  Get it together! Unload your cart next to the conveyor like a normal human being. And maybe it's just me, but if I have a huge cart of stuff and there's a lady behind me with just a gallon of milk, I'm going to let her go before me. Maybe I'm alone on that.

3. Unprepared Check Writers.

This one might be a little more controversial. I've used so many checks in my time, and I get that it's easy to track your spending that way. But we're in 2020. You knew you were coming to the grocery store. Either bring cash or your debit card (because WHO DOESN'T have one?!), or maybe fill it out beforehand? You can write on your check while you're waiting in line, then just fill out the amount at the very end. Some stores won't even LET you fill em out anymore. Don't spend seven minutes painstakingly writing out a check for $3.18. And for the love of pete, have your debit card or ID out if you know you're going to need it in a second. Don't spend ten minutes fumbling for your ID because you bought a bottle of Olde English 800. You know they're going to card you. Have it ready.

4.  Distracted customers.

You know what's going on right now. You are choosing food and household items to take off a shelf and put into a cart, then exchange money for those said items. You must realize there are other people around you. Concentrate! If you're on your phone the whole time and aren't paying attention to me trying to get by you with MY cart, that's not cool. If the cashier is trying to ask you questions and you're on your phone, STOP.

5.  Bad Parkers and Drivers. 

There are little lines on the concrete that demarcate where you should steer your car so as not to be too near other vehicles or other obstructions. Pay attention to that! I've seen so many trucks that take up a space and a half because they are just spilling over to the other half. Or people who park so close, you're surprised they were able to get out of the car! There are often little crosswalks right in front of the store so that people can walk safely into said store from their vehicle. STOP when someone is walking by. I like the ability to walk, and I'm sure you love your cherry El Camino. Let's not let my legs and your car meet. And, do you HAVE to go through the parking lot at 50 miles an hour? I know you just bought a carton of Rocky Road, but you don't need to peel out of there so fast you leave a cartoon smoke cloud behind.

What are some of your pet peeves at the grocery store? Maybe we'll all learn a little something.

Shoppingly yours,


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