Pickles are delicious.  Who doesn't like a nice cucumber that's been in vinegar and spices for hours on end? In fact, on our very first date, Husbando and I bonded over our mutual love of fried pickles. We decided to meet at what was then Patricia's. We ordered fried pickles and a dinner and talked for way too long, long enough that I got the sense that we were holding up the staff from leaving that night.

This past weekend, we went with my Dad to another local establishment and again had some fried pickles.  And it got me to thinking, you know, how many other places in town do fried pickles? I know of at least two, but there have to be more.

And how did we get to fried pickles, anyway?  I mean, I get that we fry vegetables and fruits all the time. It's an American Thing.  We love our fried foods.  We'll fry just about anything, and hell, we'll DOUBLE fry it if we have to. But why not.. I don't know.  Fried carrots?  Fried broccoli?  Why'd we focus on pickles?

I have no idea, and I'm not complaining about it, because they're delicious.  So now I have to turn to you, gentle reader.  Who has the best fried pickles in Sedalia?  I wouldn't be bothered if we had to do a Fried Pickle Tour around town, taste testing them for science purposes.

But do tell, do you like fried pickles? Who has the best fried pickles?  Let me know!

Picklingly yours,


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