Husbando is a big snacker.  He's a professional. 

This man is very adept in the ways of snacking.  Chips and salsa could be a food group for him.  He has tried dozens of different salsas, and he'll tell you all about what makes for a good salsa.  Chips and dip?  He's got that locked down, too.  His favorites are the baked Ritz Crisp Thins with some french onion dip (Hiland, of course).

Hummus and pita chips? Check.  Baby carrots and ranch? Naturally. Taco Doritos and bean dip? Yep.  Shelled peanuts? Well, he used to.  Can't have  nuts anymore.

But one of his favorites is the Cheez It Snack Mix.  I like it, too.  But it can get a bit pricey so we don't get it too often - well, that and we devour a whole box in like, a day. So imagine Husbando's heartbreak when I brought him home a small bag of Cheez It Snack Mix and found that I had done the unspeakable.

I had eaten my favorite little bits out of it... and left him the rest.


So yes, I left him with just Cheezits, pretzels and Chex Mix.  I mean, the dude chows down on Cheez its all the time, what difference should it make if they were the kind from the snack mix box or just regular box?

I could almost see him drawing up divorce papers in his mind. But then, he turned to me and shrugged.

"Oh well.  Free snacks! Thanks, babe!"  And then.. ate the whole bag in an hour.  Dude does not play around when he's snacking.  I was only like, two Youtube videos away from wondering if he was going to eat dinner.

Are you a fellow Monster?  Do you pick out your favorite bits in snack mixes? What are some of your household snacking habits?

Snackily yours,

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