"Baaaaabe, I'm hungry!  Why don't we have anything to eat?!"

I've heard it, you've heard it.  It's pointless to even argue at this point.  He knows perfectly well we have a ton of food in our kitchen.

Chips and snacks and crackers. 


Granola bars and pasta and rice and quinoa.


Muffins, pop tarts, potatoes.


Ramen, soup, chili, veggies, fruits, tuna and chicken.


And I didn't even show you the fridge and the fresh fruit.  THERE IS LITERALLY NO LIMIT TO WHAT YOU CAN CHOOSE TO EAT.

But does he want any of that?  Apparently not.  Or, more accurately, he doesn't want to have to choose what to eat.  Or, more accurately, he doesn't want to prepare said food himself.  It's ingrained into the mind, I think.  Not necessarily to be indecisive, but to be dependent upon someone else's decisiveness.

But I rebel. I tell him there's plenty of food. I point it out to him so he can literally see it.  Sometimes I give in, sometimes he actually decides what to snack on.  What is it about this species that wants to eat but doesn't want to decide what to eat? I don't know.  Just put food in your mouth, chew and swallow it.

Or, have some string cheese.

Do you have someone in your house like this, that never wants to choose what to snack on?  A person that will never be truly happy to just eat what's in the pantry?  Tell me I'm not alone in this never-ending saga.

Foodily yours,

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