Taxes were due last month. Every year, I try to get them done as early as possible, because I'm just not a procrastinator. So, January 31st rolled around, and very quickly we had all the papers that we needed to file. Husbando is very good at these things, and he did our taxes online. I'm useless about these things, and if it were up to me, I'd just give our taxes to an accountant. But, he insists, it's the "principle of the thing".

So, fast forward about three weeks. The IRS sends us a notification that our taxes are not filled out properly. I didn't quite understand all of it, but it was something about my health care last year. He was pretty annoyed and not getting the answers he needed. So, he consulted a local branch of the tax service that he had used online.

That was............... not pleasant.

He came home LIVID.  Apparently the tax person there had been.... not very helpful. According to him, she was rude and told him he was an 'idiot' for filing his taxes online. He pointed out to her that HER COMPANY was the one that offered that service, but it didn't matter.

So now, he's even more annoyed. But he's determined to get this right. So, he corrects the form, and I fax it back in. All told we were going to get back about $1500.  Fast forward to about a month later. We get a direct deposit from the IRS.

For $62 dollars.

You can imagine now, he's through the roof. We check online, and the IRS says they changed our return, and if we dispute that, we have to wait for a letter to come so we can see why they changed it.  We wait.

We get the letter. He gathers himself (really controlling his temper, very proud). He calls. He gets transferred from one department to another, and finally talks with the insurance tax expert person thingy. All in in all, it's a two hour call. They compare numbers and....

The IRS made a mistake.

The guy says he'll correct it right away, and that in about three to four weeks we'll get our refund (this is what, four months after we first filed?). You've never seen a happier little Husbando than the moment he got off the phone with the IRS people. Victory!

Rebehka Cramer Moreland
Rebehka Cramer Moreland

Of course now every time he mentions it, the call time gets longer. "I should have a bigger portion of the return, I spent three hours on the phone with them..." "I think I'll buy some new equipment, since I spent four hours on the phone..."

Anyway. I didn't even know you could do that, but he did it. You can fight back against the man, and a lot of times you  may lose, but.... sometimes you win.

Refundily yours,

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