It's been a big tradition in my family to get our taxes done as soon as possible. Like, the minute you get the paper, you file. That way, hopefully, when it takes forever to complete, you'll be a bit ahead of the game. And I actually got it a week early!

NJ (the boyfriend)hasn't filed his yet, which boggles my mind. It's the opposite of what I do. This year and last year, I managed to do it myself even earlier without causing a major ruckus. I mean, it took me a little time last year to do it, but this year, super easy. And a lot of it was already kind of filled out for me. In fact, I started to fill it out before I had all the relevant information. I mean, I had my W-2, but I ended up having to wait on the state to finish up what I needed to file. Anyway, every year, it gets done and then you wait for it to show up in the direct deposit.  It usually takes a little time, and the state return takes a little longer.  But this year, nope!

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So then, me being careful with my money (ain't got much of it), I had to decide what to do with it.  It wasn't a huge amount, somewhere around a thousand dollars, combined.  So what did I do with my newfound riches?

I paid bills.

Credit cards, doctor co-pay, car payment, house insurance.

I put a little bit of it in my savings account.

How boring, right? I remember my cousin getting like, five grand back one year and she took me out the bars with it.  I've never done that with my tax return (mostly because I never got that much).  Well, I guess I did do one kind of fun thing - I ordered delivery Friday night so I wouldn't have to cook. Is that considered fun?  It was more fun than thawing chicken breasts, I'll tell you that for sure.

Have you filed your taxes yet?  Are you getting a refund, or do you have to pay? What do you want to do with your refund?

Taxingly yours,

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