So the other day, I decided to make a crack chicken recipe. 

Super simple.  Chicken, cream cheese, ranch seasoning, cheese.  You'd think that would be hard to mess up, right?  Well, somehow I did.  I used some leftover buffalo wings, chopped em up and used em for the chicken.

When I tell you that it was salty.... I mean, it almost hurt it was so salty. It was so salty it was like a savage 11 year old roasted me on Twitter.  I don't know what I did wrong! Maybe I did too much of the packet, or maybe the chicken with the sauce was too salty? I don't know.

I thought I was learning something by now in the kitchen, I mean, I haven't had a disaster like this in a long time. So I decided to reach out to my local resource.  Husbando.  Husbando spent most of his twenties working as a chef in kitchens around the country, and I asked him his opinion on kitchen mistakes and what we can do to nip that sherty nonsense in the bud. Here's what he had to say.

1.  Don't use dull knives.  You're actually more likely to cut yourself.  So sharpen those babies up - then be careful.

2.  Stop cutting your vegetables unevenly.  If you take time to cut them evenly, they'll cook more evenly.

3.  Don't leave a huge mess of pots and pans.  Knock out some of those dishes during prep, so it's not so overwhelming at the end.

4.  Taste everything as you go, and adjust if something doesn’t taste right.  That way there's still time to fix it.

5.  Stop constantly checking your food in the oven.  Opening the door lets heat fly out, and your oven has to preheat again.

Are you the cook in your house? What are some of your tips? Do you have any lessons you learned the hard way after a kitchen disaster?

Saltily yours,



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