All over social media this past week, I've been seeing tons of people saying that they're dealing with ladybugs all over their porches.I haven't seen anything! No bugs for me. But I wondered what the deal is with these things, and why are they showing up in November of all times?

So I did a little research, and it turns out they're not even ladybugs. They're called "Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles". They're not quite as innocuous as the common ladybug. They're a little pest that comes out really only about once a year right before the first big freeze. What they're doing is, they're looking for someplace warm to lay their eggs for next year. They like a nice sunny area.

One thing, though, don't swat 'em! They'll make a big stink if you do.

They aren't all bad, though. They feast on aphids or scale insects, which can wreak havoc on agricultural crops—and home gardens.

But I haven't seen them anywhere near my house. Maybe they live out in the county? Have you seen these beetles? What did you do - did you get rid of 'em or leave them be?

Buggingly yours,


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