Husbando used to be a chef for about ten years.  He really loves cooking and being in the kitchen.  He's good at it, too! He's also got two fifteen year old girls.  They love to help him out in the kitchen, and around the house. They all love to cook.  He watches all those cooking shows like "MasterChef"  and "Hell's Kitchen", "Chopped", etc.  Basically if there's some kind of cooking competition or cooking show, he's seen it or DVR'd it.  So he gets a lot of fun ideas and likes to cook and bake with the girls.

I don't mind, 'cos I'm tired when I get home.  So I let them cook all our family meals for us.  And he's excellent at it, and their help makes meals fun for them. There's also been talk of doing a lot of yard work recently - planting flowers, edging flower beds, planting vegetables and fruits, mowing, etc. The idea came up this weekend to maybe have the girls help us with the yard work, too.  But a friend of mine who's  a parent thinks it's LAZY for us to let the kids  do so much.

I think it's good to support their hobbies  and goals.  When I was a kid, I had to do chores around the house.  Nothing quite so big as the family meal, but dishes and cleaning and stuff. The recycling was my job, the dishes were my job, and I'm pretty sure I had to clean the bathroom every Saturday.

What adult responsibilities do your children have?   Or, what 'adult' things did you do when you were younger because you had to?

Lazily yours,


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