I'm not a person who really eats Pop Tarts, per se. Although, come on, let's be real.  If I'm buying them for the girls or Husbando, you know they're not "Pop Tarts" but "Toaster Pastries".  I'm not plunking out an extra dollar and  a half for what is essentially the same thing.

ANYWAY.  Husbando loves the brown sugar/cinnamon version of those things, and it's the girl's favorite as well.  He likes to take them to have something simple to eat when he goes to his card game or goes to play Bocce.  So it's not necessarily a breakfast food but more like a snack food. So I was the The Store to get a few things and noticed that DH needed some more of his pastries.  Right below what I would normally buy him, I saw this.


I love a salty and sweet combo. I like pretzels, I like chocolate, this might be something worth a try.  Why not? It's not like I'd buy em all the time, anyway.

Opening the package, it certainly smells like a pretzel.


That's promising.  Now to the toaster!  It was only in for a couple of minutes.  I just put in the one and put the other in a little baggie.  After it had a second to come down from boiling lava hot, I decided to jump in.

First thought- this does not taste like a pretzel.  This is just a little salty. It looks like it has a nice amount of salt, but it doesn't come across.  A little further in, get a little chocolate.  I guess the chocolate is okay?  It's standard "toaster pastry" stuff. Nothing remarkable.  But... color me disappointed.  Like, as disappointed in a toaster pastry one can be.

You know how when you were a little kid, and the teacher would most of the time pick you to take the attendance record up to the office, but this one morning she saw you say something mean to the kid who has been teasing you since the bell rang but DIDN'T see anything he did to deserve it, so she chooses someone else to take the paper to the office?  That's the kind of disappointment we're facing.

I didn't even finish it. I know that's kind of wasteful, but... no. Just no. Maybe because I don't eat them, my expectations for the tart were too high? Maybe DH or the girls will like them. But me, not so much.  It should have worked.  It really should have. But it just was a major misfire.  Keep this one limited, doesn't need to be out there to let the fine people of American down.

Have you ever tried something just to try it and been disappointed?  What's something you tried that you'll never try again? Was there something you were skeptical about that turned out great?

Pastrily yours,


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