You know, there's nobody who loves to watch you suffer like family.In a comical sense, of course.  The girls don't want me to really be injured, I'm just joking.  But this past weekend, the girls did bring me a couple of packages of specialty Korean ramen in some....interesting flavors to see what I thought of them.

Apparently when Meagan tried the "super hot" flavor, she didn't realize it was the hottest kind, and could only have three bites before she dissolved into a milk guzzling mess.


The one on the right s the super hot flavor, the one on the right is another flavor she thought was too weird that I absolutely had to try.  I'm game, why not.

So she went to task, diligently boiling me some noodles.  Laney would not even think of trying either, saying, "Why would I want to hurt myself on purpose?"  Husbando also voted in the no column, citing that he'd just been painting outside and needed to cool down before he ate anything, much less spicy noodles.  So the task was upon me, dear reader.

The ramen that was supposed to be a Shrimp flavor came first.


There weren't little bits of dehydrated shrimp or anything, but there were little bits of dried seaweed (which I already eat as a snack, so that's tasty. I swear, these past almost two years have really been making me try new things!).  I took a whiff of it, and... didn't get anything particularly fishy.  Laney said it smelled "funky".  Husbando said he didn't smell anything.  And I...didn't either.  Trying the soup, it was nice, but  I didn't get a huge shrimp kick on it.  It was mainly just... salty.  So I think I'm going to take some leftover fried shrimp, take off the breading, and put it in that for leftovers.  That'll kick the fish part up a bit.

When Meagan made the hot noodles last time for herself, she was sure he'd gotten it wrong, because the packaging was cut where the English directions were.  This time, she was sure to get it right.  She went ahead and put in the black bean noodle sauce, the hot sauce, and the spicy peppers for maximum effect.  The little chicken on the front of the packaging looked like he was mocking me.

I had a photo of the noodles but didn't realise it was an action shot (blurry) so, sorry on that.  Basically they're just like the above noodles, but with a dark brown sauce. Husbando had a smell and said it certainly smelled spicy.  Laney refused to come anywhere near the bowl. So, there it was, on me.  Time to face the noodles.

And yes, it was spicy.  If I had tried to eat the whole bowl I bet I would have regrets the next day. But in terms of shocking spice, I'm gonna vote no on this one. Yes, it was spicy, and yes, it lingered, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle.  In fact, it was a bit "moreish" for me.  I had to tell myself to stop eating the noodles. They were pretty good!  But maybe I'm missing the point by not eating the whole bowl, I don't know. I probably had about ten bites, and I could've kept going but I didn't want to spoil my dinner.  Of course they couldn't put any chicken in it but I think with a little meat or something that'll really be a class meal.

Laney was kind of amused, and Meagan was a little disappointed.  She thought I would collapse into madness like she did, and we would all have a good laugh about it.  But no, I had to go and ruin it by actually liking the noodles.  I'd actually recommend them to your friends or family that like spicy things.  Maybe not the shrimp one, but that's just because it was so salty.

Have you ever tried to eat something on a dare?  How did it go for you? Do you like your food super spicy, or are you  more of a mild person?

Noodlingly yours,

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