Since it's National Chocolate Chip Day, we talked about them Wednesday morning on the air. So first off what came first the chocolate chips or the cookie? (Notice how I'm use the old the chicken, or the egg first thing?) It was actually the cookie that came first. According to a story on, chocolate chips were first marketed in 1940.

But in a survey, 2% said they didn't like them. In fact they HATE them, and another 5% say they don't like them.

Of course there are many ways you can make your cookies with chocolate chips. You can use milk chocolate, unsweetened, semi-sweet, bittersweet, dark, or white chocolate.

However you like your chocolate chip cookies, (maybe some with oatmeal or peanut butter thrown in, or even keto?) buy a package or break out the flour and make your batch today. Enjoy!

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