If there's one thing that Sedalia loves, it's going out to eat.  I don't know if we just don't like cooking at home, or if we're just really appreciative of others doing it for us, but we have a ton of restaurants here in town.  We even have food trucks now!  All up and down the main streets of Broadway and Limit, it's restaurant after restaurant.  And they've changed over the years, sure, but for the most part we're still riddled with restaurants.

So there are bound to be some things that everyone enjoys the most, right? SURE.  That's the point of everything!  Let's get to it!

Peanut butter on a burger.

Yes, the Wheel Inn is gone, but I gotta admit, sometimes when I make a burger at home I'll put some PB on it.

BBQ in a train car. 

We've all done it, even if we really prefer the other side (the train is a little cramped for me, I don't know about you).

Got up early for donuts at Papa Jake's.

And of course you stood there in line while the group at the front table sat ruling the joint.  Does anybody ever go into the other room? I always just got donuts to go.

Insisted on a corn dog from Dick's.

Particularly during the Fair, sure.  But if you're somewhere and they're having an event and there are corn dogs... you know you gotta choose wisely here.

Ordered a tenderloin as big as your plate at Fitter's.

I always just kind of cut it down to the bun and then take the rest home. I can never eat the whole thing.  It's probably as big as my head, even.

Homemade bread at Mighty Melt.

I don't know what kind of strain of crack cocaine they put in that bread, but it's got a chemical in it that makes you crave it fortnightly.

Lemaire's Fried Catfish. 

My father goes there at least once a week specifically for the fried catfish. It's their thing, it's been their thing for ages. Back when they were on South Limit, to now on West Broadway.  It's like a requirement.

Milkshake at Goody's Steakburgers.

I also don't know what they put in these things, but it takes me forever to get the dang milkshake to come up the straw.  Maybe I'm weak. Or maybe I just don't have what it takes to make a milkshake obey.  Half the time I end up breaking the straw a little.

Brick Front Grill gyro.

Oh, yes.  These things.  You know you have to have one at least every few months.  It's a struggle.  And I don't know how, but I somehow manage to stay away from the desserts. I haven't caved yet.  Just give me a bucket of hummus and feta cheese, please.

Ordered drive-thru BBQ at Pit Stop. 

Every time you drive down Thompson, you smell it.   It's inevitable.  And you probably do just like I do, and get the same thing every time, even though you say you're gonna try something new this time.

Fish tacos at End Zone.

Taco Tuesdays are always allowed in this household.  And when they're that cheap, it's almost an insult to NOT eat a ton of tacos. Someone has to do it.  I do it for the children.  I'm thinking of your future, people.

What do you think? Would you add anything to the list?  What would you take off?

Foodily yours,


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