Husbando was a chef on the road for about twelve years of his life.  He was young and unattached, and he'd go with a group of friends from city to city to help set up new restaurants with people they met along the way.  He traveled all over the country, and lived in several states. I get stories every now and then about this place or that place, this big name chef or that one.

But when it comes to the day to day cooking in our house, it's pretty much defaulted to me. He can cook, and he cooks wonderfully, but most of the time it's just kind of expected that I will do it. And most of the time, I enjoy it. I watch a lot of Food Network and the Cooking Channel.  I watch the Sorted guys make stuff every day.

I'm pretty good with steak, chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, etc. But for some reason, I just can't get those damn pork tenderloins to turn out right.  I've fried em, baked em, poached em, pleaded with em... but they're always, always tough. It's like a minor league tug of war to get them cuttable.  They may have good flavor, but they're just not easy to wrangle.

So what can I do? There must be some of you out there that have the knack for pork. Well, pork tenderloins. I can do bacon perfectly in either the pan or the oven. I'm talking about the white meat that you have in the freezer.

HELP ME, cooks of Sedalia. Surely you have tips! Maybe we'll learn something together.

Toughly yours,


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