Yesterday, the day started as normal as can be. At least, that's how it started. I got up, got dressed and out the door as per normal. I walked in and got settled in, started preparing for the show (basically entails a lot of reading on the internet).  My colleagues came in as per normal, and everything was moving along as it does.

Then, about forty five minutes after I'd shown up to work, this happened.




Do what now? Don't worry, this isn't as freaky as it could be. Our doors were locked, we have a security system. This wasn't some crazy listener who decided to drop off a couple of corn stalks to our office. No, this was a crazy co-worker who decided to drop off a couple of corn stalks to our office. He took the time to construct two bases, find corn stalks, put them in said bases, load them in his vehicle, bring them to our office, place them accordingly, and then make signs denoting which one was which.


And he did it silently. Nobody noticed him coming in or going out. We just walked out of the studio and there they were. He called no attention to himself.

Now all of this adds up to........ I have no idea. Nobody seems to know what this is about. Maybe because it's fall? Does it have something to do with the different sizes of stalk? Is it about being corny? Is it about Halloween? Maybe it's an in joke that I'm not privy to. I have no idea what the joke is. We have had a lot of "panicked" co-workers who "got lost" in  the "corn maze", so maybe that was the point.

Either way, I don't mind that I don't get it. I like the randomness of it. It'll keep me guessing, I can tell you that.

Mazily yours,

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