Okay, this one has been bugging me for a bit now. 

It might be just me, it might be because the weather has been going up and down for a while now, who knows.  But it seems like I can't just find the right balance of temperature.

You'd think it wouldn't be too difficult to do, I have a comfortably heated home.  Newish (about five years old) windows that keep the draft out. We keep it in the low seventies, temperature wise. And hey, there are blankets and cardigans, hoodies, different things to put on to keep warm.

But no. It can't possibly be that simple!  This is my life we're talking about, so it has to be incredibly complicated and unnecessarily difficult.  Here's how it goes.  I feel a little cold in just my house clothes.  So I put on a hoodie, right? Right. That should work.  No, now I'm too hot.  Legs are cold? Let's switch from shorts to pajama pants.  No, now my legs are too hot.  Feet are cold? Okay, sock time.  After a few minutes, now my feet are too hot.  Then, just wait about an hour, then put them back on.

What is the deal?! Why.  WHY.  It's the same when I go to sleep, too. I might go to bed in socks, but they'll end up off and in the covers at sometime during the night.  Start the night in a blanket, end up in just the sheet.  You'd think that I'd be able to find a solution to something like this.

Take right now.  I'm writing this at home, and I'm in a hoodie, so I'm almost a little uncomfortably warm. I'm not quite ready to take it off, but I feel like I will soonish.  Does my body temperature fluctuate, or what? What is in the actual deal here.  In the somewhat warmer temperatures, if I crack a window, that might be  okay for a bit, but eventually I'll get cold again.

In the summer it's the same way, though. We'll have the air on, same general temperature, maybe up to the mid seventies.  I'll put on a fan next to me on the floor by the couch to cool down, and at some point in the night I'll get cold and have to change. Cos if I shut off the fan, I'll be too hot in my normal clothes.  But..but I was too hot before, and now I'm too cold.  Up and down, back and forth, never just one happy medium. Maybe I should just give up and always be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and be miserable.

Does anybody else have this problem? Am I too sensitive? How is it that different parts of my body can be hot and cold like this - I don't seem to have any circulation problems.

I'm going to to put some socks on, I guess.  I'm sure they'll be off in an hour.

Fluctuatingly yours,

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