Do you have something you just have to have around the house?  That product that you can only get from that certain brand or it's just GARBAGE? I have a weird amount of brand loyalty to my french onion dip. Husbando can buy Dean's or the store brand, or any kind of brand of french onion dip.  WILLY NILLY.  With no thought whatsoever, like it's not even important!


It has to be Hiland French Onion Dip, or nothing. 

I don't know what strain of crack they put in Hiland's French Onion Dip, but it's very effective.  I don't buy the dip every time I go to the store, but you can bet your sweet bippy if there's a need for dip, it's gonna be Hiland.

Do you have any things like that, where you just have to have a certain brand of it, because it's the BEST?  Like it's almost an insult to have any other brand?  Tell me what yours are!

Diply yours,


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