I have the tendency to be a bit fast with my decisions.  It's something that sometimes works out, sometimes doesn't. 

When we bought our car, we went with blue as the color.  Not too much thought went into it, just, not silver so you can see it in the fog, and not red because that gets pulled over more often.

When we picked out our new oven, I basically just said, I want a glass top with buttons.  There were a few to choose from, and I just chose one in about five minutes.

Now, we have another shopping decision looming, and I want to take a different tactic with it.  Rather than just head out and buy the one that looks nicest or whatever, I'm going to actually do some research.  On what, you ask? Refrigerators.  Our little fridge has been doing a valiant job, but it's been doing it for... a long time. I don't even know how long, that's how long it's been.  It's starting to make noises.  The ice machine doesn't work. One of the panels on the bottom is broken, which makes opening  the veggie drawer a bit hard sometimes.  And, it's randomly kind of freezing things in one part of the fridge, but not in others. As if it's somehow haunted and can only freeze the dill pickles. I can see what's coming. It's going to die, and it's going to die before I'm ready for it.  So I figured, well, better start thinking about it now. Maybe I can find an accurate idea of what we want and find one BEFORE the old bird does crap out on us.

I sent Husbando out to look a bit, and he came back with a few suggestions.  Some of them were way  more than I wanted to spend, some were just okay, a few were pretty good options.  I don't want to spend more than $1500, I'd rather be somewhere below that obviously so I can buy warranty or what have you.  Our fridge is a traditional freezer on top kind, so I like the idea of switching it up to maybe a two door side kinda thing.


But I want to research a bit. I went out and took pictures, got model numbers, all that stuff. I discovered that some of the stuff I really liked, wouldn't fit in the space we need!  That would be a very hilarious tragedy - the dudes come by with the fridge to install it, and it doesn't even fit in my kitchen.  Typical.

Husbando has his wants - he wants an ice machine again, he wants water.  He wants more freezer space.  We're pretty much on the same page, I just have to figure out what exact model I want, I guess.  I think the key here is not to make a rash decision like I have in the past.  Maybe I am growing up, after all, huh?

How do you decide to buy major things like appliances? Do you go with your gut or do you book it up a little?

Shoppingly yours,


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