Do you have a bucket list of "must see" artists? I do. I thought I had a lot of time to experience Tom Petty or Prince. I was wrong. So I've started keeping a list of great artists I want to experience in concert that I haven't seen yet. If the opportunity presents itself, I do my darndest to get tickets to their show.

One of the artists on my list is Bob Seger. And he just announced a show at Mizzou Arena on Thursday October 3. Tickets go on sale Friday June 7 at 10:00AM CDT through Ticketmaster.

This is Bob Seger's final tour and while he keeps extending it, the opportunities to see him are dwindling. The tour was supposed to end in Seger's hometown of Detroit wth two shows on next week. But nope, the Seger tour is rolling on.

I looked at reviews from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, and and all gave his show very good reviews. If you want to hear Seger play his hits one more time, or for the first time, this is the show to probably get a ticket to. I'm going to try so I can take Seeger of my concert bucket list.

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