I know sure as heck we weren't last year. And that's understandable.  There was a lot going on around this time last year.  So many people were freaking out, some were protesting, some just ignored everything. A collective "don't" was kind of the general idea with April Fools Day.  Even if it was a silly little prank, nobody was having it.

In general, I'm not a huge pranker.  I haven't even been pranked myself that many times.  Although one time, a friend did duct tape a harmonica underneath the hood of my car.  Now what this did was nothing, it just made noise as I drove it and I couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out what the heck in my car would make that sound.  It wasn't obvious at first it was a harmonica sound because, well, I had a college kid car, and it could conceivably either make inexplicable noises or be on fire at any  given time. But one stop at a gas station and it was figured out.  I never did get him back for that one. He thought I did, when someone plastic wrapped his car in the parking lot at like, three a.m. but it wasn't me.  It really wasn't, Mikey!  IT WAS TRACY.

One year I Wanted to do a prank though.  I saw online that someone had gone through all their family photos throughout the house and replaced one family member in each photo with a photo of Guy Fieri.  Can you imagine?

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Welcome Event
Ethan Miller

Instead of pictures of you or your Mom, just every photo is a trip to Flavortown.  I think it took his Dad like, five months to find them all.

So that kind of prank, that I can get behind. Something fun and harmless, not something scary or something that'll freak somebody out.

Are you in the mood for April Fools pranks this year, or are you going to just skip it? What are some funny pranks you've done, or some that got you good? Tell me all about em and we'll laugh it out together.

Pranklessly yours,


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