I know you guys have had a bit of a hard week.  Haven't we all? We're all in what I like to call "recovery mode" from the State Fair.  We had a lot more people in town, so there was a lot more traffic, naturally. And of course there was so much to do and see and eat out at the Fair, we probably all had a little too much fun.  So getting back to "normal life" so to speak, is always a little tough.

And now it's Friday, it's time for the weekend, we just gotta get through one more day at work.  Just one more day.  But sometimes it's hard to just grind it out and hold on, right?  You just need a little something to boost your day and make you smile, right? Right. I have it.  I've got you covered.

Here's a video of a Grandpa who flew from Georgia to Connecticut to surprise his Grandsons.  His son knew he was coming, but the kids didn't.  They didn't find out til they got off the school bus that Grandpa was here.  They'd been separated for more than six months because of Covid.

The sweet moment got caught on what looks like a doorbell camera type thing.  And you get to see the whole thing from another perspective/angle about halfway through.  Isn't that sweet? And it's just about a minute and a half, nothing you gotta sit through for a super long "wait for it" moment.

Anyways, I hope it made you smile and I hope you have a great day and a super amazing weekend!

Suprisingly yours,

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