Of course, having a sister, I know all about sibling rivalry.  But this goes to a new level. My sister is a little over four years older than me.  So, as children, she was in charge.  I remember having to play a game called "recliner" which was basically just her sitting on me and forcing me to move my arms and legs how she wanted.  I also remember an incident where she sat on my chest and forced me to eat cat food.

Kibble tastes better than the we stuff, just so you know.

And now, there's a cute little video out of two siblings IN THE WOMB duking it out.

Luckily, they're born and healthy now.  But I wonder if starting out like this, they might end up duking it out again.  Knowing how kids are, they probably will end up being close - but not without a few fights.

Siblingly yours,


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