Earlier this morning Johnson County EMA suggested folks stay weather aware this afternoon. While the area is enjoying some nice weather, the National Weather Service and Johnson County EMA says there is a threat of potentially severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

The National Weather Service's situation report for our area says severe weather could impact our area anytime between 3PM and 10PM. If storms develop they will move from north to south with Johnson and Pettis Counties seeing storms closer to 6PM than 3PM. The NWS says the risk for severe storms is slight in all of Johnson Couny and most of Pettis County. Some of Eastern Pettis County may fall in the are area with an enhanced risk of severe weather. You can look at the National Weather Services Situation Report for this afternoon here.

If you're heading out and enjoying the great outdoors this afternoon don't change your plans, especially if  you're staying in the Sedalia / Warrensburg area. I'd heed the advice from Johnson County EMA and just be aware that storms could pop up this afternoon and evening.  Here's the post from Johnson County EMA:

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