If there's one thing I'd trust American children with, it's figuring out how to get their hands on as much candy as possible.

Which is why this Reader's Digest list of 10 secrets of getting the best trick-or-treating haul should be treated as gospel . . . because it's based on interviews and surveys with actual American kids.


#1.)  The "cuter" the costume, the more candy you'll get.

#2.)  Pillowcases hold twice as much candy as plastic grocery bags, and three times as much as the classic orange pumpkin. And if you decorate your pillowcase, people won't think you're just trying to be greedy.

#3.)  If there are little kids at a door ahead of you, move on.  They'll take forever to choose their candy and just slow you down.

#4.)  Strike early.  The good candy always goes first.  There's no reason to be the last people out trick-or-treating.

#5.)  BUT . . . if you do see some houses that still have their lights on late, swing by.  The person may want to unload everything and give you a handful instead of a single piece.

#6.)  Lots of decorations in the yard are a sign of high-budget candy.  The family there clearly cares about Halloween.

#7.)  See if you can get your dad or a friend's dad to chaperone you.  Moms focus too much on manners.  Dads respect the quest to get as much candy as possible.  They're also willing to stay out later than moms.

#8.)  Plan your route, figure out your shortcuts, and . . . even though adults may tell you not to . . . run, don't walk.

#9.)  The best candy is usually at the bottom of the bowl.  When the person filled up their bowl, their instinct was to open the best candy first, so it's at the bottom.

#10.)  Before you go out, tell your parents you just want to grab a few things from your OWN house's candy supply.  As long as you don't overdo it, you can get a few pieces of the best stuff before the bowl gets picked over.

There you have it. What are some of the things you did as a kid to get more Trick or Treat Candy? Ask your kids if they have any!

Treatingly yours,

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