If you're like me, you live with a dude. And if your dude is like mine, they always tell you not to get them anything for any occasion, ever."You don't need to spend any money on me, Valentine's Day is about you" or "Just get me some new socks for Christmas" or "I don't need anything, just cook for me on my birthday".  You know the drill.

But you want to get him SOMETHING, and it's hard to find something he'll like when all he tells you is hokum. And most of the time, if he NEEDS something, he'll just go get it himself, right? Then I found it. The perfect place for any dude.

Man Crates.

According to their site, they have a mission with their gifts:

We say 'no' to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don't save wrapping paper, we don't do ribbons.  We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can't wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them.  Gifts that people gather round at the office, people following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar. We are Man Crates, and we deliver awesome gifts for men.

I bought Husbando a box of exotic meat jerky.  Everything from the packaging to the product to the idea of it just filled him with joy. And the good thing is, it's not just one genre: they do cooking, sports, drinking, personalized gifts, outdoor stuff, tons of different things. There's even a gift card - but you have to smash through two inches of concrete to get it. They even include safety goggles and the hammer with the gift card. They literally have to break things.


There’s a soft spot in every man’s heart for boisterous, innocuous, total destruction. That young boy who derived unfathomable joy from demolishing intricately stacked block towers is now a grown man with responsibilities and limited opportunities to wreak havoc. Smash & Grab is the gift of socially-appropriate destruction: two inches of pure concrete that he gets to, nay, must completely obliterate. We’ve even included spring-hinged goggles and a ball-peen hammer, so he can swing wildly whilst smiling widely.

He’ll smash. He’ll sweat. He may even get carried away and start eyeing that fireplace you’ve been meaning to replace with a manic grin. But he’ll eventually emerge from the rubble with his perfect gift card of choice and a hell of a story he’ll love sharing. Smash & Grab gives him exactly what he wants, and then some!

No more ties! No more body wash sets he'll never use! It'll actually be a great gift! So anyway, ladies, you're welcome.  Bookmark this site for next year's Valentine's Gift and you'll be set with one happy dude.

Meatly yours,


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