I tend to avoid snobby people or it could be that they are working hard to avoid me or maybe it's both. That means there is one city in Missouri that people like me should stay away from as they care completely full of themselves.

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I found this brand new ranking of the snobbiest cities in Missouri for 2024 on Roadsnacks. How does one determine when a place is "snobby" and when it isn't? They say they factored in "expensive homes, high incomes, and overly educated populations". That sounds about right.

While they have 10 different cities in Missouri, I'd like to focus only on #1 which is...(*drum roll*)...


It's ALL CAPS because they prefer it that way in Ladue since they are more important (according to them).

I probably should partially apologize for giving Ladue a hard time. There was one person on my high school class who was originally from Ladue and she was not snobby at all. According to this new ranking, she was the exception and not the rule for Ladue people.

The fact is that the rich and/or famous live in Ladue and there's nothing wrong with that. If you work hard and earn tons of money, you should be rewarded for it. That means Ladue is VERY rewarded.

The Roadsnacks article is meant to be fun and not mean to the kind people of Ladue. Perhaps these Missourians seem to come off as "snobby" because the rest of us are envious maybe? The fact that their guard dogs come charging to the gates when my car drives by is purely coincidence I'm sure.

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