Okay guys, I admit it. I'm not much of a "going out and drinking with people" person.

I have, I mean, certainly in my younger days I've gone out my fair share. But I can't say I do it much any more. Even the big night of the year when a lot of people go out, New Year's Eve, I was crafting and painting a tea mug with a Christmas tree on it. And I really enjoyed it.  Probably waaaaay more than I should have.

Not exactly "party animal" material, you dig.  BUT, maybe I can be motivated for a good cause? A really good cause, even!  So what the heck am I blathering on about?  The 5th Annual Lion's Club Pub Crawl!

Get ready to show your Irish spirit and celebrate St. Patrick's Day! The Lions Club of Sedalia - Missouri is hosting the Annual St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl 2023 in Downtown Sedalia. The streets will be barricaded, & the open container law will be lifted within those barricades during pub crawl hours when using the OFFICIAL Pub Crawl cup.

Basically we're telling you about it early.  Part of the perks of getting your tickets early is you get a free commemorative t-shirt.  But it's not required to attend if you don't know your plans yet.  You can sign up from now through February 24th and you get the t-shirt (which, if it were me, I'd be rocking on the day).  Sign up after that, and you still don't pay any more, just, you know, no cool t-shirt.   It's only 30 bucks a person, and you get three free drink tickets beforehand, which is pretty sweet.   If you have to wait til the last minute and buy your admission that day, I don't think you get free drinks  - or at least that's how I understand it.   But still, festivities!  Drinking outdoors!

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And the best bit is, you're helping the Lions Club help local kids.  They do so much, I'm sure you've heard about the eyeglass program and the shoes they get for the little ones and the scholarships and, well.  Everything.  You can find out more about the event online and I'm pretty sure you can buy tickets on their links, too.

The whole event will be on March 18th, from 11-7.  I'm sure there will be a ton of stuff that morning too, like the parade and the bed races and all that, so it's not like you won't be downtown anyway. Get your tickets and get to crawlin!

Pubbingly yours,

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