My mother and her boyfriend are vivacious readers.  More so my mom as opposed to her boyfriend.  He likes going to book stores for the peace and quiet, have coffee with his friends and perusing books on boats, and history, and home repair.  They would be disappointed to hear that a local book store could be closing soon, if a new buyer isn't found.

As some of you may know, Reader's World Book Store is for sale.  And if a buyer for the store is not found, the store could close by the end of November.

I usually ask for a book ever year for Christmas, usually from a celebrity or a professional wrestler.  I still have some classic books at home and a large collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Remember those? Classic.

According to their Facebook page (Click HERE for the link) their toy sale over the weekend went well, and with the potential closing of this location, there could be a lot of great deals to be had.  At least 20% off and that could continue to rise as the dates get closer to the end of November.  But if you have gift cards, you might want to use them sooner than later.  If this location closes, whatever inventory is not sold, will go to other locations in Osage Beach and Rolla.

There are a lot more people buying books online now, from places like Amazon.  But I still remember going to book fairs and spending time reading more as a kid at the local book store.  So lets hope a buyer is found for Readers World in Sedalia. Shop local this holiday season as best you can.

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