I know it can be hard to find free, fun things to do for adults and kids. Especially something that might make 'em think a little. 

I mean, sure, you can take them out to let them run around and that's great (we all know they need that!), but what's something you can do together?  Something that'll make a memory, but will also let you encourage your young one to read? I've got it!  It's coming up in the month of April with the Sedalia Downtown Alliance, the Boonslick Regional Library, and the Sedalia Public Library.  It's called the Downtown Sedalia Book Walk.  There's a separate, different one that goes all the time with the Sedalia Parks and Rec at Hubbard Park, so there's no reason you couldn't do both, really.

How's it work?  You take your young reader downtown, go to different businesses down there - about eighteen different shops, with each one having a couple pages in the window -  and read a book.  Yep, there's a page or two at every different business, and so it's part leisurely walk, part treasure hunt, part story time!  I'll let the official Facebook page of the event give you the details:

Plan some time to walk with your favorite young reader and tour downtown while reading one story from Boonslick Regional Library from April 1 - April 15 and another story from the Sedalia Public Library from April 16 - April 30, 2022. Book check-out cards are available from participating downtown merchants, Boonslick Regional Library and the Sedalia Public Library. The check-out cards will guide you through the story by directing you to the consecutive numbered posters displayed in each storefront window. Visit with the merchant in each store, and get your check-out card initialed. The Book Walk will end at that week's library sponsor where you can redeem your card for a prize!
The prize is a free book! So not only are you getting the chance go out on a nice spring walk with the young ones, you're getting another opportunity to keep them reading.  I thought it sounded like a fun time for anybody who's maybe a caregiver (Parents, grandparents, big brothers or sisters, babysitters, anybody with a young one they need an activity for) to take out the kiddos, get a good walk that's not too strenuous/handicap friendly, read a fun book, get a free prize, and it doesn't cost a dime.
And, it's something that isn't too time constrictive.  You've got the entire month of April, so if you make plans one Tuesday and it rains, you've got plenty of opportunities to go back. Stuff happens, plans change, this way you've got all month to do it whenever you can. Even if you can't do it all in one day, you're set!  The adults can get in a nice walk (and maybe check out some downtown business that are up for your shopping), and the kids get a new adventure!
The first walk will be with Boonslick Library, and they're doing the book No Pirates Allowed, Said Library Lou. The book is good for grades 1-3, or about ages 4 to 8.  There will be two pages with each business, so you'll get through the whole thing in maybe an hour or so if you stay on track (although you might get distracted with some shopping, wouldn't blame you, ha!).   Then at the latter half of the month, the Sedalia Public Library will take over. Now as of this second, they haven't announced what book they're doing yet, but they'll get back to me and I'll let you know.

All of it will celebrate National Library Week, which comes up in April.  It just sounds like a win, win, win.

Readingly yours,

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