Well, it's that time again.  Time for us to look amongst ourselves and see the very best of the best. 

The people who see a need, and do their best to fill that need!  Some people work with animals, some people work with the elderly, some worth with their church, and some work with what they can to help children.  That's what our latest Unsung Hero does!

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His name is Matt Petree, and he was nominated by Kaela Lockard (who happens to be his sister in law).  Let's see what she had to say about Matt and what he does in West Central Missouri.

As the new owner of Reader's World, Matt has implemented several ways to help the children in the community. During the holiday season, a children's book wall was available for purchase and the books were then donated to the elementary for dispersal. The store is now accepting used book donations and a percentage of that profit is donated to the elementary for the school lunch program. Matt is taking the beloved town store and giving back to the children of the community.

Matt was born here in Sedalia and he and his wife are big reading enthusiasts.  They decided to buy Reader's World because they were such huge fans of the store.  It's really a dream come true for Matt and his wife, Hannah, who's a teacher at Parkview Elementary. They work with the schools and the Buddy Pack program with the Food Bank. Here's Randy's talk with Matt about everything they do.

As you can see, Matt and his staff are doing their best to help keep kids reading. Here's hoping they keep it going for years to come!

If you have someone in your life or on your radar that you feel needs a little pat on the back, nominate your Unsung Hero here.

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