I don't know what it is about older, abandoned buildings, but they are intriguing. Every time I see a video of someone who is exploring the ruins of an old castle, or a home that isn't in use anymore, I'm hooked. I guess it's something about what was and what could have been that interests me. I like looking at the rooms and imagining what went on there. Trying to picture what life was like back then is a little hard.  Even looking at the damage done or the toll nature has taken is interesting.  Have you ever looked at pictures that were taken of the abandoned homes in Chernobyl? Downright creepy.

That's the thing that stops me from looking for these buildings and such myself - it's probably very dangerous. You never know if a building was abandoned because it's about to collapse or riddled with some kind of terrible bug creature. And, if it's on private property, that's trespassing! So I would never actually DO it, or encourage someone to go into these kind of buildings.... but I will watch when others have done it.

I found this video on You Tube the other day.  There isn't any information on the page about the poster - that might be on purpose.  But, this person and a friend of theirs decided to go into the Missouri Railroad Shop here in Sedalia and took some video.

They went back in December and posted this in January.  They only have one other video, and it's not related to this at all. I like the spookyish music and black and white vintage feel, though.  It's so strange to look at this place and think of all the work that was done there, all the equipment that was there, just... abandoned. It's almost kind of sad. So much.... life was there, and now it's gone.  I wonder how many people were in and out of that building over the years.  Anyway, I thought it was interesting and thought you might think so, too.

Abandonedly yours,


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