My dad used to tell me not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries. This issue is not a today thing, but boy could it become a conversation in the future. It's a mammoth invasive spider that is spreading like wildfire in the direction of Missouri, but there's not really a reason to worry even when/if it arrives.

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The Joro Spider is not native to the United States or at least it didn't used to be. It originated from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China but is believed to have made its way to America via foreign shipping products.

The problem now is this huge invasive spider species is spreading. Fast. After the Joro Spider's appearance in Georgia, one year ago it was predicted to invade the entire East Coast and it has. Note that this map tracking the spider shows it's heading toward Missouri now, too with reports in Tennessee and now Oklahoma.


So why shouldn't worry about a large invasive spider possibly invading Missouri?

A-Z Animals mentions that the Joro Spider is actually a cream puff of sorts. Penn State University noted that Joro Spiders are "reluctant biters" as they have a hard time penetrating human skin anyway.

The University of Georgia noted that one reason for this invasive spider's fast expansion is its ability to withstand cold temperatures. Missouri winters will not be a problem for this arachnid. 

The other good news about the Joro Spider is it still has not been reported in Missouri - yet. It's headed this way, but really shouldn't be much of a problem even if it makes this part of America its home.

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