It's not uncommon to see meteors in Missouri obviously. However, there are new reports from multiple witnesses who say they saw something that appeared like a shooting star, but didn't behave like one in the skies over Missouri.

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The National UFO Reporting Center has two new reports in Missouri that were both reported on the same day in April of 2023. They also come from two totally different locations. One report came from Excelsior Springs while the other originated in Ballwin. Notice how similar their reports are. I'm sharing their exact words so I don't misrepresent what they're trying to describe:

There were lights on the object. There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object. Thought it was a shooting star then I noticed it remained at the same elevation as it moved towards me at a very high speed. Two lights bright as a star moving nw at a very high speed then as it passed overhead it turned a 90 degree angle never slowing and headed due East and was no longer visible within 7-8 seconds

This is the 2nd report from a completely different witness.

Continuous fireball almost like a Roman candle, resembled a comet but definitely wasn’t a “shooting star.”Sighting was around 9:30 PM CST. My friend and I both saw a large fireball shoot across the sky. I was facing Northeast and the object traveled from my right to my left, then disappeared. It was an incredible bright white and left a solid white tail behind the initial light source that faded rather quickly. At first we thought it was a Roman candle type firework but then realized it was too large and intense as well as too high in the atmosphere to be a firework. The closest thing that I’ve personally witnessed that I could compare it to would be the Hale-Bopp Comet, but I haven’t been able to find any reports of meteor activity in my area.

I checked the American Meteor Society website and I didn't see any meteors or shooting star reports that happened at the time of these two UFO sightings. What did these two witnesses see? A comet doesn't normally flash across the sky quickly and I've never seen aircraft chasing a meteor.

By definition, these two people saw a UFO as no one has explained yet exactly what they saw that April night.

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