It's time for us to check out our latest Unsung Hero here in West Central Missouri.

This month's Hero was nominated by her daughter Mindy.

Most of Sedalia knows my mom as "Busbarn Connie". She has worked for First Student since 1978. Connie makes sure it all happens. She gets up at all hours of the night to check roads for the safety of the children when it has snowed. Earlier in her career in cold weather she had to start all the buses for the day. She maps all the bus routes and drives them numerous times to make sure the times were just right to post in the Democrat for the Sedalia community. Connie is an unsung hero for not only this community but for the children of this community. She does so much more behind the scenes that really the community does not hear about when it comes to school buses.

Connie has been doing this for forty four years and helps kids get to and from school. Her job is especially important in the winter time, when inclement weather can make roads dangerous.  Connie isn't all work, though, she has a hobby of motorcycling (although her Harley is Schoolbus Yellow) and she also likes going to tractor pulls.  She loves to travel around locally on the weekends with that, although she doesn't like to go too far away. She's often on call in case she's needed for a field trip. 

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She says that with school bus transportation, you have to expect the unexpected.  She works with two full time maintenance men, so a lot of the time she's responsible for making sure the buses are safe.  Connie loves what she does and every year she gets "talked out" of retiring, because everyone just loves her so much.... she's almost irreplaceable!  Here's Connie talking with Randy about her nomination.

As you can tell, Connie is essential in many kid's lives every day, and she is well loved and appreciated for it.  You can nominate your Unsung Hero here.

Congratulations and a big thank you to "Busbarn Connie"!

Heroically yours,


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