Missouri has long prided itself on being a "redneck" state. We have a rich history of redneck traditions. From our vernacular to our shoes. We say things like, "lightening bugs," instead of fireflies. When dining out, a common expression is, "I'll have a Coke." Well, "Coke" is synonymous with just about any soda here in the Show-Me State, as just about anywhere else in the South.

We pride ourselves on having drive-though liquor stores. Sometimes, the citizens of this state muse with the saying, "only in Missouri..." We have some of the cheapest tobacco prices in the country and our manners towards visitors are always complimented. Missouri is "rednecky" to say the least.

Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. These stories are treasured pieces of literature. Both characters are rednecks to the inth degree. Floating along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers while whiling the days away and getting into all sorts of mischief (Check out number 9 on the list).

"Redneck" is not a derogatory word in Missouri. People embrace it. We love it and take pride in it. Others don't always see the humor in it.

A website called RoadSnacks.net has put together a list of the Top 10 Redneck Cities in Missouri. Branson, Dexter and Warrenton were the Top 3. Close to our area is Chillicothe at No. 6. Take a look and let us know your opinions on the most redneck cities in the Show-Me State.

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