I'm sure if you're like me, you've been to the Missouri State Fair dozens of times.  And there are a few staples you need to hit every year - you gotta get a corn dog, you've gotta see the Pig Races, you've got to check out the Bud Tent, stop by the Pork Place, cheer on the acts at the Kids's Stage,  see the fish at the Conservation Building, shop a bit at the Commercial Building... you know what you like.

But the thing is, there's always something new every year at the Fair.  And this year is packed to the gills will new stuff! The Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe came in and had a conversation with me about what's new this year. Have a listen!

So as you can tell, from the eleven new free entertainment stops, the Military Flag Retreat Ceremony, the Happy Meal 40th Birthday Party at the Kid's Stage, the Homegrown Singer Contest, and Smokey the Bear's 75th birthday... there's a lot that's new this year. Between all that, the photo stations, the milestones of our staple favorites like the 20th anniversary of the Gerken Dairy Center and the 40th anniversary of the Pork Place... AND the stuff you have to do and see every year? You've got a lot to do this year at our State Fair.  Don't miss out on any of it and find out more at their website.

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