Well, the spit test finally told me where my family come from.Husbando's results were a little surprising, but mine? I had no idea.  I've been told my whole life that our family are mutts.  We're supposed to be from just about everywhere. I think my Grandfather told me that we were part Greek, part Native American, part German, and even part Spanish.  But... well, someone was wrong at some point.


I'M SO WHITE, YOU GUYS. So white.  I'm 62% British, 20% German, and the rest is basically just "European".   How boring is that?! Well, I guess that explains why I've always been an anglophile. My DNA misses home. In fact, the results say that I've had a relative who lived in the UK within the past two hundred years.  So we haven't really been in America as long as I thought we had!

I told my sister and my father, and they were both confused.  "I thought we would be more German" and "I thought we were just Irish" and "What? No Native AT ALL? Someone must have been fibbin!"

I guess that explains why I burn so badly in the sun. My people aren't meant to be out in the sun. Maybe I should practice my British Accent and look at trips to the Motherland.

Britishly yours,


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