Well, it's December, so the Holiday Season is here whether you like it or not. So this month, I'm going to be exploring some Christmas Carols that are...a  little different.

I know that Christmas Carols often seem like the same seven or eight songs over and over.  Well, some people are creative out there.  They write new ones! One of my favorite holiday albums is by an acapella group named The Bobs.  They're three guys and a lady and they do music without any instrumentation.  If they want a guitar noise, they just do it themselves with their voices!

They sometimes do covers of famous songs with their own spin on it, and sometimes write their own.  They did a holiday album years and years ago called 'Too Many Santas' and I thought we'd share in a lovely, yet wrong, holiday song for modern society.

Here's hoping you don't spend Christmas in Jail,


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