I don't know about you guys, but I don't know why these scam people even bother. Oh, the famous Nigerian prince wants to talk to me again?  Delete.  Oh, my Netflix account is about to be deleted? The same one I'm watching right now? Delete.  I have hundreds of emails in my outbox that aren't being sent? DELETE.

You're not going to get me, scammers.  You're just not. But they keep trying.  And not just in email.  We gave up our landline phone years ago because all the calls we got were either scammers or robo calls or people looking for someone named Nancy.  So we let it go.  Junk mail still tries.  Oh, an envelope with something that looks like a check?  Yeah, right.  I'm sure you COULD get me $40,000 in loans to consolidate debt, but you just wasted the time, the paper, and the money to try to reach  me.  And it went right in the bin.

But now, now it's getting a little interesting.  Husbando has been telling me for a while that he gets spam texts.  I didn't think much about it because I never did. I thought, well, he plays a ton of those games on his phone, that must be why he gets them.  I only have one game on my phone, so I never got any spam texts.

Until recently, that is. I've actually gotten, like, five spam texts all for someone named Richard.  Really, scammers? You can't get my name or my gender right? You're not even close, guys.  I see, I delete.  I block that number with PREJUDICE.

And the thing is, they keep getting around the No Call List.  I've signed up all our numbers and renewed it a couple times, but they still somehow manage to get in. Thankfully I don't get too many scam calls or texts. Husbando told me once he woke up to see eighteen on his phone from just that morning.

Crazy.  Really, you're just wasting your time.  I ain't clickin' on nothin, I ain't callin' anybody back, and if the first thing your call says is "Don't hang up", I've already hung up before you finished that sentence.

What are some of the ways scammers have tried to get to you? Do you get spam texts, too, or is it just us? Have they ever fooled you into clicking something you shouldn't have?

Spammily yours,

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