Guys, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about a new scam every two seconds.

And sure, I'm kinda tired of having to keep telling you about them, you know? But it's one of those things we just can't let go - because scammers are still out there, trying to defraud you or someone you love at every given opportunity.

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While you might not be super interested in what the emails in your spam folder are trying to sell you, I know you're worried about others in your life who might be susceptible to this kind of thing. Your Dad, your Grandma, that Aunt that always asks you if you can pick up some industrial grade tin foil, you know. A lot of these scammers will try to go for something very important to them (and you), their Social Security check.

Well, the Social Security office is reminding people to stay alert and up to date with scams this year for Slam the Scam day, coming up on March 7th.

On National Slam the Scam Day and throughout the year, we give you the tools to recognize Social Security-related scams and stop scammers from stealing your money and personal information.

Help protect your loved ones and people in your community this Slam the Scam Day by:

  • Educating them about government imposter scams. Let them know they shouldn’t be embarrassed to report if they shared personal information or suffered a financial loss. It is important to report the scam as quickly as possible.
  • Sharing our Scam Alert fact sheet and helping educate others about how to protect themselves.

So obviously I'm not a paid expert, obviously they know what they're doing.  Of course, what they tell you in the fact sheet applies all the time.  Anybody who calls you out of nowhere (or messages you), trying to get you to believe there's a problem with the account or with a prize, don't believe it.  Especially the harder they push.  I mean, come on - have you ever heard of anybody who goes out of their way to try to pressure you to accepting free money?  That's just.... suspect. Just hang up or don't respond, especially if they try to get you pay for something in a very specific way that's really hard to trace.

That means no cash, no crypto, no wire transfers, no debit cards, no gift cards.


Stay safe out here, you guys.

Slammingly yours,


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