Growing up in Chicago there was a burrito place that had a reputation for burritos that were, as they called it, "as big as your head." Well, my wife Kathy and I just experienced an ice cream shop in Knob Noster with scoops as big as your head.

Maybe I exaggerate just a little bit. But, remember the conversation about the $5 dollar shake in "Pulp Fiction"? This would be a $6 dollar waffle cone from B&G Scoops off of Highway 50 in Knob Noster, and make no mistake you won't leave feeling like you paid $6 dollars for a wimpy ice cream cone and got ripped off.

Kathy and I both opted for the two-scoop waffle cone. She got chocolate almond on the bottom, and bubble gum up top. I got chocolate on the bottom and a mint chocolate chip on the top.

For an after-dinner treat, the two scoops were definitely too much food for us. Yet that didn't stop either of us from working on the cones for about 20 minutes to polish off every last bite. Overall, we'd also say they were delicious. Kathy didn't think the bubble gum was as good as she thought it would be, although she really liked the chocolate almond. The mint-chocolate chip I had was the perfect balance of mint and chocolate, and you can't go wrong with chocolate ice cream.

It's not only the waffle cones where the scoops are generous either. We were eating in our vehicle and noticed people coming and going, and that the scoops were plenty generous for the money including those who chose to get their ice cream in a dish.

I spent around $15 total for the two cones, which included a 20% tip for the young men behind the counter. I'm not a big tipper at places like this, yet, the two high school kids who were making the cones seemed hard-working and polite, so I wanted to give them a little bit extra for their work.

While B&G Scoops is ice cream, you can also get pints, floats, shakes, coffee and coffee drinks, Italian sodas, pup cups for fido, pie, cheesecake, along with Hunt Brothers Pizza and wings. B&G Scoops is open 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM every day according to their Facebook page, and their street address is 421 N. State Street in Knob Noster.

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