World Atlas recently looked at the best small towns in Missouri good for retirees, making the list, our town of Sedalia.

World Atlas points out that big cities can entice retirees with many urban comforts, however, they believe small towns are better for retirees because of their slower pace of life and a stronger sense of community.

I don't know if that last statement only applies to retirees. I don't have a problem with a slower pace of life, and I like that it's easier to be friendly with folks in a small town, vs. a big city. People mention that it can be hard to feel included in a small town or accepted in a small town. Yet, I haven't felt that in either Sedalia where I work, or Warrensburg where I live. But I digress.

Making the list of the 8 Best Small Towns To Retire In Missouri in 2024 are the following communities: Kirksville, Carthage, Overland, Mexico, Neosho, Town and Country, Jennings and Sedalia.

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So what caught World Atlas' attention? Well, first, we're an older community. According to World Atlas, over 16% of our population are seniors 65+, which they like because fresh retirees can fit in a welcoming community. However, I think World Atlas, misses the mark when they go all in on talking about our kid-friendly attractions.

They say, our town has "a wealth of kid-friendly attractions" and cite the Power Up! Arcade, as something for the kids to do that Sedalia has. While Power Up! Arcade is a great place for kids to kill an afternoon, most kids probably couldn't kill a whole day there. And what about this wealth of kid-friendly attractions? Sure we have a movie theater, parks, museums, and some programming for youth. Yet, World Atlas' quote might oversell the kid-friendly angle a bit.

They also sell the community's bustling arts landscape and mention the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. This to me makes a little more sense. Whether it's getting involved in the different types of art The Liberty Center showcases, supporting the artists at State Fair Community College or the University of Central Missouri, or finding like-minded artists. If it has to do with writing, painting, sculpting, music, or theater, I think with a little bit of work one can find their tribe.

They wrap up their blurb on Sedalia by talking about our events and festivals, many of which are family-friendly, and how the cost of living in town is relatively low, which is another appealing aspect of calling our town home when it's time to retire.

Overall, I think they did a nice job showcasing Sedalia. You can check out the entire article from World Atlas, here.

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