So I don't know if there's something in the water lately, or if I'm just in the right place at the right time, but kids are messin with me these days! So as you probably know, I'm not in the studio 24/7.  That's not good enough for the local kids here in Sedalia.  People sometimes will call with a request, that's normal. This group of kids wanted their song played, and they wanted it played NOW... but soon regretted everything.  Listen to this with the captions on if you have trouble making out what they're saying.

They just left a bunch of messages on my voicemail!  I'm thinking it must have been a sleepover or a slumber party.   Then somebody must have warned them, or they got to thinking... and were SURE they'd get in trouble!  I liked the added touch of having your little sister call in and apologize, too.

Well, what do you guys think -  should we let them off with a warning this time?  Did you ever make crank calls like this when you were a kid?   Tell me about what happened!

Requestingly yours,

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