Recently we've spent some time asking you what you think Sedalia needs. One of those needs is more family entertainment. If you look for it, there certainly are some things to do in town. But there really aren't a lot of things for families or even teens to do.

We do have a movie theater, an arcade connected to a go-kart track, and two mini-golf courses. And Sedalia Parks & Recreation certainly offers some programming, along with the soon to open Heckart Community Center which will certainly provide increased opportunities for residents to engage in athletic activities.

But a place for families to go and hang out? Or teenagers to hang out? There's not a lot to do. I grew up going to bowling alleys, roller rinks, the dollar theater, and even the mall. A lot of which we don't have. Especially when it's colder outside.

A couple of folks had mentioned a place like Main Event, that mixes an arcade with a bowling alley and food and beverage options. That would work, but what about a place that would be like Main Event on steroids?

Such a place does exist in Rolla. It's called The Zone. They offer an arcade, roller skating, a mechanical bull, laser tag, snacks and drinks, party areas for birthdays, and even some inflatables. Really the only things I didn't see at the Zone were pool tables and a bowling alley, and nothing says that couldn't be built in addition to all the other things.

It could certainly be one of the things that could help give downtown more life. Especially if it's open evenings and weekends, which, really would be when they'd see a lot of business. It's also the type of business that would work well in an old retrofitted warehouse that has lots of space.

Read on to see what The Zone in Rolla offers and dream about how this might work in Sedalia.

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One of the top things you told us Sedalia needs is more entertainment options for families. Sure, we have Leisure Park. But with Gokarting and Mini Golf being the main attractions, it's not that great a destination for the cold weather months. Rolla has an entertainment complex called the Zone that offers everything from Air Hockey to Skee Ball. Bouncy Houses to Roller Skating. A complex like this downtown in an old warehouse might be one of the things to help downtown come alive. Check out these pictures from The Zone in Rolla.

Gallery Credit: Rob Creighton

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