I know a lot of us really like to see kids of all walks of life playing together.

It's just heartwarming to know that kids are kids, and they don't have hate in their hearts.  They just want to play and have fun!  So when I saw this (admittedly it's been a couple of weeks since they posted it, but I live under a rock, so) it gave me a warm feeling.

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Basically the Sedalia Parks and Recreation has added some simple signage to the areas of several parks in town (namely Clover Dell, Centennial, and Hubbard Parks) to help kids communicate with kids with hearing problems.


This is just one example.  They have a couple others, and one with the sign alphabet available for kids to practice. I think this just just great.  It's a simple way to help the kids communicate, without a lot of pressure.  I know I learned some sign when I was in school, but I haven't retained more than the alphabet and a few words.  So I probably would have appreciated this as well, as a hearing child.

I'm sure it's a big obstacle for both hearing and hearing impaired kids to communicate when sign isn't everywhere.  I can see examples of kids playing, not realizing they're being talked to by hearing children, and it ends up that they don't play together because the hearing child thought they were being ignored. Or the hearing impaired child is shy about approaching a hearing child, because they can't know if the other knows any sign. And if they do, will they remember enough to communicate if put on the spot?

This way, a hearing impaired child can point to the sign, the hearing child gets it, and can respond easily!  Then, they can just play together and make new friends.  What a lovely gesture to make it easier for everyone involved.

What do you think about the new signs?  Do you think we should do this at every park in town?  What should be on the signs?

Signly yours,

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