When I was a kid, I was at the library all the time. In fact, I was a Secret Scammer Library Kid.  I don't think anybody will take me to the stake for this, but... yes, I fibbed so I could go to both libraries.  My Grandmother  lived out in the country in the Smithton area, and I used her address to get a Boonslick card (although in my defense we were out there all the time, so it was kind of a second home).  Then, I used our Sedalia address so I could get a Public Library card.  And boy howdy, I went All The Time.

In the old Boonslick building (when it was next to the church) it was so easy to just get lost in the back and take ages reading and re-reading Dobie Gillis books.  In the Carnegie building, I was very familiar with the see through-ish steps and how there was a little draft by the window of the Mystery section.  So if this was a thing when I was a kid, I probably would have taken advantage of it.

It's a great program called Dial A Story.  It's pretty simple.  If you've got a bored kid, especially one who can't read yet, all you have to do is dial 827-7838.  Then, a simple story gets read to your child.  It updates every Monday that there isn't a holiday and it's free.  Can you imagine when the batteries die on a toy and you're maybe ten minutes from Aunt Tilda's, and all you need is just a little distraction to avoid a meltdown?  Bam.  Instant Dial a Story.  And it would be so cool, I would think, as a small kid, to be able to use the grown up phone and get a story just for me.

The stories for this month are:

July 1-7:  The Unhappy Chickens

July 8-14 The Old Woman and Her Pig

July 15-21 The Pied Piper

July 22-28 The Hole In the Closet

July 29-August 4  The Coyote and the Woodpecker

So there you have it, get dialing!

Storingly yours,


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