Every year, Sonic has a competition amongst all of their restaurants.  The best of the best go to the Sonic Convention each year.There are a bunch of different competitions based on the different jobs each person has.  One of the coolest competitions is the CarHop Skate Off.  The CarHops, or CH, as I'll abbreviate it.  The CH's show off their skating skills and their customer service over nine months, and submit a video to enter.  Local CH Devin Berry, was the top winner this year!  Check out his audition tape.

I mean, look at those skills! He definitely earned his medal and cash prize.  There are over 3500 Sonics in 44 states.  Think of how many entrants that must be! It's got to be a crazy competition.  And actually, it's not Devin's first rodeo.  He's competed before and gotten to the finals, but this is a big win for him.  And now, he can use his skills and his title to entertain and inspire kids here in Sedalia!

Courtesy of Sonic Corp
Courtesy of Sonic Corp

Congratulations, Devin.  You are definitely better than I am at skating by a large margin.  I tried to learn to skate as a kid and only ate the pavement. Never did get any good at it.  Maybe I'll try again, with Devin as inspiration!

Skatingly yours,

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